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July, 2002 — These photos show our left (when facing the house) side yard before removing the concrete and putting in the stone path. The bottom photo is how it looked when viewed from the front driveway.

One problem with this side yard was drainage: the downspouts drained directly onto the concrete and water pooled at the gate line, then ran into our neighbor's yard.

The fence on the hillside is the original fencing, the gate on our side is a rather insensitvely designed replacement that was put in before we bought the house.

In the side yard photos, the part of the house that is sticking out under the eaves is the fireplace. Originally this was concrete block, but a few years before we bought the house the fireplace was replaced because it was pulling away from the house. Apparently the foundation was not adequate. Unfortunately, the replacement fireplace was not built to match the original, and in addition the wrong style siding was used.

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