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The landscape designer and horticulturist is Yoshi Kuraishi. Contact him at 510 502-7817. He is located in Oakland, California (sorry, no email).

We consulted the books shown below for ideas in designing our garden. While many are out of print, you can often find them at or


Japanese Gardens, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record, 1990

A Japanese Touch for Your Garden, Kiyoshi Seike, Masanobu Kudo, David H. Engel, 1980

Japanese Gardens for Today, David H. Engel, 1959

The Art of Jpanese Gardens, Herb Gustafson, 1999

The Art of the Japanese Garden, Tatsuo Ishimoto, 1958

Japanese Gardens Today, Tatsuo and Kiyoko Ishimoto, 1968

Zen Gardens, Tom Wright, Mizuno Katsuhiko, 1990

Japanese Garden Design, Marc. P. Keane, 1996

Japanese Gardens of the Modern Era, Haruzo Ohashi, 1987

Tsuboniwa (The Indoor Garden), Haruzo Ohashi, 1987

Sunset Ideas for Japanese Gardens, Sunset Magazine, 1968

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