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The Eichler Network is an excellent resource on all things Eichler.

Eichler SoCal is run by realtor Kelly Laule. It offers some information about Eichlers in Orange County, California.

Balboa Highlands is the only Eichler development in L.A. County, in Granada Hills. This attractive site contains quite a bit of information about the development, which was built in 1963 and 1964.

Carmen Nicholls offers custom made Eichler house numbers in the original style at reasonable prices.


Eichler : Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream is a new book published in October, 2002. This collaborative effort by Paul Adamson and Marty Arbunich, profusely illustrated with vintage photos by Ernie Braun, is the definitive work on Eichler homes. Buy a copy here.

Eichler Homes - Design for Living, published in 1995, was the first book written about Eichlers. It contains many beautiful color photos of Eichler homes as they exist today.

A. Quincy Jones, by Cory Bruckner, is the first ever biography of one of Eichler's principal architects who went to achieve international recognition for his residential and commercial designs. Published in May, 2002, by Phaidon Press.

Raphael Soriano, by Wolfgang Wagener, is the first monograph on this important mid-century modern architect who was a passionate believer in steel construction. He designed a prototype steel house for Eichler Homes that was built in Palo Alto in 1955. Published in October, 2002, by Phaidon Press.

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