Enter the World of Eichler Design

Joseph Eichler was the only merchant builder in America who built modernist style homes on a large scale, designed by skilled architects and using quality materials. His contemporary houses have not been equaled since, and 50 years on they still look 'modern'.

The above photo, used in Eichler sales literature, shows the atrium of our model viewed from the front door. At left is another vintage photo used on promotional postcards mailed out by realtors and in this magazine article. It shows the back wall of our model looking into the kitchen and dining areas.

View photos of our house, read about our 2006 interior remodeling project, learn more about The Highlands Eichler development where we live, read original Eichler sales brochures used in The Highlands, or view vintage magazine articles about Eichler homes.

Photo credits: Ernie Braun / courtesy Eichler Network Online

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