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July, 2002 — So the first step was removing all the concrete. This is not particularly difficult, but it does get tedious, particularly since only a couple of months earlier I had removed several hundred square feet of patio concrete in the back yard. Patio concrete is typically only about 3" thick, so a lightweight jackhammer is up to the job. However, various forms of body protection are recommended, and I even like to wear a respirator mask because of all the dust.

I planned to leave two areas of concrete next to the house, one for the existing garbage/recycling area, and another for a soon to be built storage closet. This meant cutting around the edge of those areas to get a nice clean edge. I used my Skilsaw for this purpose, which will work pretty well as long as it is the heavy duty model with a worm drive. Using a diamond masonry blade, it's still slow work.

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