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A morning view from the entry area into the living room. The rear of the house faces east. The armchair in the far corner is an original 1960 "Papa Bear" model by Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner. Beside it is a vintage "mushroom" lamp, manufacturer unknown. Wegner also designed the two Shell chairs to the right, which were recently put into production for the first time. The sofa is a modern B&B Italia Andy model. Isamu Noguchi's glass-topped table is in the center of the room.

Globe ceiling light is an original Eichler fixture that came with the house, as is the outside bullet light mounted on the roof overhang.

In the foreground is an African stool, made by the Ashante tribe in West Africa. The flooring is slate tile.

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Photo by David Toerge, Toerge Photography
Copyright 2008, reproduction by permission only

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