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Early evening view from the front door looking into the atrium towards the living room, and through it to the backyard. Obscure glass panels along the outside hallway wall (on the right) provide a measure of privacy to the bedroom side of the house. The dining room and kitchen are to the left.

Originally this atrium area was almost completely covered with a concrete patio, there was no engawa (deck on the left) and only minimal planting. In January 2001 we removed the concrete and built this Japanese tsubo (courtyard) style garden. This photo was taken in April, 2008, after our 2006 interior remodel which moved the living room into the center of the house where the kitchen and multipurpose room used to be.

Our interior remodel was expertly managed by Henry Calvert of Calvert Ventures, who brought the project in on time and on budget. Yes, he really did! Henry is a long time Eichler owner and neighbor of ours here in The Highlands, and has extensive experience remodeling Eichlers. We highly recommend him.

K.C. Marcinik of Greenmeadow Architects provided valuable assistance in redesigning the interior and solving remodeling issues that we would never have figured out on our own.

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Photo by David Toerge, Toerge Photography
Copyright 2008, reproduction by permission only

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