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The House | 2006 Interior Remodel

We spent eight months planning a major interior remodel which was begun in May 2006. The basic concept was to collapse four spaces (kitchen, dining, multipurpose space, and living room) into three spaces (kitchen, living, and dining room, with a small screened off area for a office workspace).

To accomplish this, we planned to move the kitchen to the left rear corner of the house and convert the central area where the kitchen / dining room was located into the living room space. This would give us a more useful "galley" style kitchen with three times the countertop space and more storage, as well as a larger, more functional living room. In addition, the view from the front door would be much more dramatic, as you would then be able to see completely through the house to the backyard, with no solid walls to obstruct the view.

The diagram at right shows the existing floor plan and the areas that will be changed in the remodel. While we conceived the overall plan on our own, we contracted with K.C. Marcinik of Design for Living Architecture to assist us with a wide range of issues and to draw up a detailed set of plans. She has been invaluable in helping us and coming up with solutions to problems. Our contractor is Henry Calvert of Calvert Ventures. Henry is a long time Eichler owner and neighbor of ours here in The Highlands, and has extensive experiencing remodeling Eichlers.

Continue and view a diagram of the new plan.

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