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The November 1959 issue of House & Home, described as "America's Biggest Industry Monthly for America's Biggest Industry", referring to merchant building, contained an article titled "24 Quality Houses for 1959". One of the featured houses was an Eichler designed by Anshen & Allen, a model that is found in my neighborhood, the San Mateo Highlands. The article has a brief text description of the house, five Ernie Braun photos, and two full pages of architectural drawings. This magazine was provided courtesy of my neighbor, Linda Salter. She has lived in her Eichler for eight years, and the previous owner gave her the magazine. Her house is basically the same as the model shown in this article. Click an image shown below to view full size page scans of the article. Note: these are large files, 150Kb to 180Kb.

Most of the houses featured in the article are at least vaguely contemporary in appearance, though some are quite conventional. Other than the Eichler, only one other is remarkable: a Japanese-style house designed by the firm of Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons and located in somewhere in Contra Costa County. The builder is listed as "Harold Paige". Click an image shown below to view larger size images.

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