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The House | 2006 Interior Remodel

This diagram shows the changes for the master bathroom. The wall separating the sink / vanity area from the toilet / shower area is being removed, a window will be added over the vanity (instead of a mirror) and the side wall of the new shower will be converted into a glass door that will open to the outside, where there will be another shower head for outdoor bathing. A privacy screen will be built outside in the sideyard using recycled redwood posts from the old kitchen and the original obscure single pane glass from the hallway (being replaced with double pane).

The new sink will be an Australian-made Omvivo Onda Single Washplane Solid Surface Corian black glass sink that doubles as a countertop, set against a black slate tile wall. The sink will be cantilevered from the wall on stainless steel support brackets, with no vanity cabinets underneath. The shower area will be enclosed with clear glass panel to maximize the open feeling of the area. The new window above the sink, and the glass door in the shower, will let in much more light.

This redesign means that the bathroom becomes a "one person" bathroom instead of a bathroom that can be used by two people at the same time. But we think that is a small price to pay for a bathroom that will feel much larger.

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